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I have never felt such praise, joy, and thankfulness as I did on that day, but there, I have jumped ahead of my story– let me now then begin.

Even though I was saved at a young age, I had always been told and taught about God ever since I was born. Now you may think that because of this I would have been quite a goody girl or, let me rephrase, a model girl. However, I was not at all like that. Apart from holding God in reverence and knowing Bible stories and having vague principles, that was where it ended. I did not know Christ as my personal Savior as I do now, nor did I understand fully what Christ's death on the cross meant.

I can never really remember anything about that day even though I have tried to, but I earnestly recall that it all took place six years ago at a conference somewhere around either the middle of the year or the end, but the day on its own is all a blur and the only two things that I vividly remember from that time was John 3:16; a text that was brought up during the meeting, and in my prayer of salvation. But let me first tell you of what touched me in that beautiful verse. I knew that verse well, but whether I truly understood it is hard to tell, and it becomes obvious that I did not for somehow, after the meeting was over, a part of me clutched to that verse till I was in bed and suddenly it dawned on me, and Christ's death on the cross did not seem general anymore. I only saw it for me, and God's love touched my young heart, for to have someone to love you till the extent of dying for you to pay for your sin is more than I could or can ever imagine, and to think that it is not just another human being but that it is God, the Creator of the universe. Why would He care for such an insignificant, puny thing like me to send His only begotten Son to come down all the way to earth, making Himself lower than the angels to die so that I might be free? What more could I ever ask for? Why should I put off a gift so great? But then after realizing this, how was I to accept and how was I to receive this wonderful gift of salvation, grace, and love? Then I recalled the second part of the verse: “that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” There, that was my answer to believe in Him, to trust my soul into His hands that He is able to save and cleanse it and that all I need to do is believe.

Oh! How happy I was when I prayed and asked Christ into my heart, and how joyful I was when I suddenly felt a sense of freedom and feelings that I can never describe, and most of all, I felt deep down that God had forgiven me and that I had entered into a love I can never express. And now, I will conclude with a happy, thankful, praising heart, and the verse that changed me and made me realize my woeful estate, but on top of it, God's unmeasurable love. John 3:16 "“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

______ End