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Growing up in a Christan home, attending church service became a weekly routine activity for me and my family. As I got older, I started to follow my parents to bible study classes, special ministry meetings, gospel nights, and bible camps — and eventually even started serving as a pianist in the congregation. 

All these things made me feel very “Christian” and “right” before God. Knowing that I had fulfilled my duties as a Christian, I knew very well (so I thought) that I was “saved” and “had my name written in the Book of Life.”

In the year 2002, I signed myself up as usual for the annual bible camp organized by the “Brethren Assemblies” in Penang, mainly to meet new friends and spend the week away from home to enjoy some freedom and fun.

The activities in the bible camp included singing, short ministries, games, and gospel nights, with the final night usually ending with a presentation. This is where groups would perform sketches according to the theme of the camp.

That year, I remember our group was given the task to create a reenactment of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was given the role as one of the women crying alongside Mary as we saw the Lord carrying the cross up to Calvary. We all dressed in our attire and prepared ourselves for the scene in one of the rehearsals. When the time came for my scene to pretend that I was wailing, I suddenly had a very deep realization in my heart that I was an unworthy sinner and the Lord had borne my sins on the cross for me. The words of verse Romans 8:5 came to my mind, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. It was at that moment that I realized that all these years, knowing by just head knowledge and memorizing bible verses would not save me if I did not believe in my heart that the Lord had died on the cross for me.

I truly believe it was at that point that I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour.

I was eager to share this good news to my family and looked forward to being home.

I decided to walk the resulting path from my act of faith and expressed my desire to be baptized. The following year, on 20th April during the Easter Conference, I was baptized and
received into fellowship. Since then, whenever the Word of God was opened, read or ministered, I would feel a deeper sense of understanding and its meaning for my life.

I now know that it is my personal walk with God that matters most and not the works that I had been doing to secure my eternal life in heaven.

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