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Living in a slow-paced city and brought up in a family that was obeisant to ancestor worship, I vividly remember the annual affair of frequenting the cemetery twice a year during the “Hungry Ghost” month and on the All Souls’ Days. Failing to perform such visits and worship during these periods would be a fearful thing to the whole family. Hence, we never missed these events even once for fear that bad consequences might ensue.

I started to hear of Jesus when I received my education from a mission school, and was taught how He healed the blind & the physically disabled. Occasionally, I was also invited by the school to attend Mass services but all I remembered was a man hanging on a wooden cross, and the gestures where fingers were placed on the forehead, followed by the chest, the left side, and the right side before entering the church.

In the year 2004, my family and I were invited by my maternal aunty to attend a Methodist church service. Soon, going to church became an activity on a weekly basis, but it was merely to fulfil obligation from family, and as it became more and more like a routine, my interest in going church became dim. A year later, I was told to go for baptism, and without knowing either its true meaning or the meaning of salvation, I agreed to follow my parents on such a request and underwent baptism through sprinkling on the 25/12/2005.

Subsequently, I started to join the Methodist “cell group”, where a group of young people gather for bible study every Friday. There, I met my soulmate, and before we tied the knot in the year 2012, we were introduced to a Christian family by a friend. I was then informed by my wife-to-be at that point of time, that this Christian family had invited us for a bible reading. Feeling obliged, we joined their bible reading for the very first time. That night I was impressed by the vast bible knowledge of this gentleman — how he handled the readings and how questions were answered by turning to the pages of the Scriptures.

This spurred my interest to join more of these bible readings. As our presence got more consistent, we began to learn memorising bible verses, which was also new to me. One Sunday, I was asked regarding my salvation experience. However, I was unsure how I got saved because going to church initially was just to follow my parents. As far as the beliefs among the Methodists are concerned, one might lose his salvation if he didn’t live up to the standard. That was what I had in mind because the problem of sin within me was unsettled. Plus, I was also struggling with the thought of whether I would be in heaven if death struck me. These uncertainties were roaming in my mind and kept bothering me the more I thought of how I
should conduct my life to live up to heavenly standards.

Before long, one of the memory verses of that week given was Ephesians 2:8-9, and while I pondered upon an explanation given by that dear brother on salvation, I felt so happy that moment, knowing that salvation is about what the Lord Jesus Christ had done for me at the cross and it is a gift from God, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my own works at all.

Immediately, that cleared all my doubts of thought and struggles, and I knew for sure that I can rest my faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, for He died for my sins and without doubt
my salvation is secured, sure and it would never be taken away.

Thereafter, we decided to continue under the sound teaching of doctrine through our simple gathering at the brother’s house and subsequently received baptism through immersion on the 25/4/2015.

From thenceforth, I'm glad to be found gathered amongst the redeemed people of God to remember Him and all that He had done for me on every Lord’s day.

______ End